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James Erskine     Fiona Wood

677 Mawson Rd, Lenswood SA 5240, Australie

+61 (0)408 075 138

+61 (0)408 075 138


instagram https://instagram.com/jaumawines

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La bodegua

Jauma Farm, is located on unceded Peramangk Country. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land and their ongoing spiritual connection to Country. We pay respect to Peramangk Elders past, present and emerging. 

Las viñas

Certified Organic with NASSA since 2009, Jauma Farm grows vines and cherries, as well as a mixed family orchard and veggie patch. Our farming practice is an exploration of biological / regenerative organic farming. Once stewarded by explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, this area is known locally as Coralinga, and is surrounded by native forest reserve. Mawson's original stringybark shearing shed still remains on the property, where we now hold events. ?Lenswood and Forest Range was once occupied by gold mining communities, and now is home to many orchards of cherries, apples, pears and grapevines. 

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Vin nouveau
Jauma McLaren Vale Grenache Gramp Ant 2015

Jauma McLaren Vale Grenache Gramp Ant 2015

Raw Wine
1000 Fires, 2020

1000 Fires, 2020

Raw Wine
Fujisan Pet Nat, 2020

Fujisan Pet Nat, 2020

Raw Wine
Lilies, 2017

Lilies, 2017

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Vino Cosecha Año SO2 Origen
1000 Fires Blanc 2020 10 Internet
Fujisan Pet Nat Blanc 2020 <10 Internet
Like Raindrops Rouge 2020 10 Internet
Tikka The Cosmic Cat Rouge 2020 10 Internet
Alfred's Dry Grenache Rouge 2019 10 Internet
Audrey's Fairygarten Shiraz Rouge 2019 10 Internet
Ralph's Dry Grown Grenache Rouge 2019 <10 Internet
Alfred's Dry Grenache Rouge 2017 <10 Internet
Lilies Rouge 2017 15 Internet
Blewitt Springs Grenache Rouge 2015 10 Internet

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