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Todas las cosechas son totalmente sin añadido de azufre (sin sulfitos añadidos)
La mayoría de las cosechas sin añadido de SO2

Marcel Carrera    

Carrer de Caseres, 25, 43785 Bot, Tarragona, Espagne

+34 647 307 850

+34 647 307 850


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La bodegua

With Marcel Carrera’s passion for wine and with Ramon Viña’s love for his hometown vineyards, both childhood friends from Bot, in Terra Alta, Catalonia, started Vinya Ferrer in 2010 to produce terroirs expressing wines from our hometown.
Ramon had spent his life cultivating grapes just to sell to large producers, but after meeting with Marcel some of the most impassioned Catalan natural winemakers and tasting their wines, both decided to keep the grapes for themselves and instead produce the kinds of wines they wanted to drink, wines made from a single region with nothing added and nothing taken away. 

Las viñas

We organically dry-farm 3,26 hectares of vines spread over 7 plots, in and around Bot, that are a mixture of clay, limestone and “panal” which is a special type of soil particular to the region. This region uses to be subjected to drought stress (around 490 liters per year on average), but benefits from two major winds, the “Cerç” (NW) – strong, dry and very hot in summer which helps prevent mildew, and the “Garbinada” (SW) which comes in summer around midday from the sea - cool and humid which prevents the vines drying out too much, maintaining freshness


We produce only 4.000 – 6.000 bottles per year (depending mainly on the annual rainfall), all vines are manually harvested, the fermentation is spontaneous, and we add nothing to the wine (not even Sulphur).
Our work philosophy is "let the vines and the wines work, and let's help them to give us their best”
We are not within any apellation , that’s why we can’t print our hometown, the vintage or the grapes varieties on our labels, so we must do some strange things like dub Garnatxa to Txaranga as an anagram, etc
Our clients know us, know what we have, what we do, and how we do it, year after year, and that is our best and only quality certificate

Los vinos

Our first and classic wines are the NAR I TORNAR line (something like “goings and comings”, “aller et retour”), red or white Grenache short macerated with skins, fermented and aged in cement pits and steel.
Our second wine is NYAM! or BYE BYE, depending on the year, depending on the fruity flavor intensity. It’s a red Grenache  in a Carbonic Maceration vinification, in steel.
ANGELA MARIA is a “Chateau” cuvee from our highest Plot, combining Carignan and Morenillo in Carbonic Maceration or very short skin maceration depending on the year.
POKET (Nar i Tornar pink label) is a divertimento. “Poket” in catalan means “a little beat”, and is a white wine with a little bit of red (or vice versa some years). Every year is different.
BOTWORK ORATGE is an orange wine of Macabeo with a long maceration with skins (1-3 months depending on the year), also in steel
MOLOTOV is a Pet Nat based in Macabeo, sometimes refilled with red grenache after disgorged
RANCI DOr, RANCI JAMAICA and VICI are rancio wines. These are white Grenache wines with an oxidative aging (in old little barrels with very old lees, or in outdoor glass decanters, under the sun, the moon, the rain, the cold, the heat…). We produce a very very few bottles of this wine

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Los métodos de trabajo (2022)

En la viña La bodegua
Activité de negocio / comercio ? Non Utilización de insumos otros que el SO2 Non
Superficie / área total de la finca 4 hectares Filtración de los vinos Non
Los rendimientos medios 18 hl/ha El encolado (la clarificación) de los vinos Non
Vendimias manuales Oui Flash pasterización, ósmosis inversa o toda otra manipulaciones técnicas Non
Utilización productos de síntesis Non La cantitad medi de SO2 añada 0
Forma de cultivo Biologique Cosechas por vendimias 7
Certificación Non Cosechas sin ninguna adición de SO2 7

El viñador ha cumplido y ha certificado sobre el honor la exctitud / fidelidad de estos datos en el 13-09-2022

Análisis de los vinos

Vino Cosecha Año SO2 Origen
Angela Maria Rouge 2021 19 Analyses
Molotov Bulles 2021 <10 Analyses
Nar I Tornar Blanc 2021 16 Analyses
Nar I Tornar Poket Rouge 2021 <10 Analyses
Nar I Tornar Roig Rouge 2021 <10 Analyses
Nyam / Bye Bye Rouge 2021 <10 Analyses

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